#27 Ride a Tandem Bike

31 05 2012

In all of my 23 years, I had never experienced riding on a tandem bike. Since a girl that I hang out with after school happened to own a tandem bike, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to cross #27 off of my list! At first it was really wobbly and hard to get going, but it wasn’t bad when we got in a rhythm!  One thing that I never had thought about before was how difficult it would be to turn – kinda like driving a limo. I think I’ll have to save turns for another day. =)


#38 Write a Letter to a Soldier Overseas

30 05 2012

Today was Memorial Day, and I couldn’t think of a better time to thank a soldier fighting overseas. One of the blogs that I regularly follow is called Frugal Living NW and they were told of a group of 300 female soldiers in Afghanistan who could especially use donations of tampons and baby wipes, since they are only given sanitary pads and don’t get to take regular showers. When I heard of their need, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to cross #38 off of my list, but instead of just one letter, I sent two large care packages crammed full of all kinds of goodies to two soldiers. I had a great time going to the store to pick out candy, random toys, and other fun odds and ends that I thought the soldiers might like. I also parted with my collection of samples, since I figured they would appreciate the single use packaging. My boxes were literally overflowing, and I had to put all my weight into taping the flaps shut. I also enclosed the following letter with a picture of myself. It felt really good to be actively supporting our troops and showing them that people back home really do care about them and appreciate their sacrifice.  I really hope I hear back from one/both of them!

Edit: I got a thank you note! See my update here!

Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m from Eugene, Oregon. I just wanted to thank you so much for your service to our country. I can only imagine all that you are going through over there, and I am so grateful for your willingness to serve.I actually heard about your need for baby wipes and tampons through a blog I follow called frugallivingnw.com. I regularly follow their tips and tricks to get things for free or very inexpensively through sales and coupons, and they shared the wonderful idea to share some of our spoils with you. I hope you will enjoy the goodies enclosed!The suggestion to send care packages came at a perfect time, because I actually made a summer bucket list of over 100 things that I wanted to accomplish before starting nursing school this fall. One of the items that I had put on my list was to write a letter to a soldier fighting overseas, and sending a care package seemed like an even better idea! When I got to compiling everything into a box, I discovered that I easily had enough for 2 boxes!I hope you will be able to use or pass on all everything I sent. I tried to cram the box as full as I could. =) If you’d like, you can check out my online summer blog at my100daysofsummer.wordpress.com. I added my contact information below. I’d love to hear from you, and to send you more care packages in the future sometime. Please let me know if there are any items that you especially want or need and I’ll try to send them to you! Thank you again for all that you do!

#62 Make something from Pinterest

27 05 2012

So, I’ve been working on my list for weeks now, and had wanted to get an early start on checking things off, but I’ve been holding myself back, being very adamant about the “102 days, 102 things”. I thought that posting the list would help relieve a little bit of my excitement and to help me feel like I’m doing something without actually really doing anything on the list, but it actually had the opposite effect and has made me more excited to get everything done! Realizing that I still had almost 3 weeks til I said I would start my summer seemed like it would take forever, so I decided to just get started and forget the rules I had set up for myself. Isn’t that kind of the point of summer anyways? Forgetting the rules and just having a little bit of fun? I think so. So that’s how I got started (early) with my first item on the list: #62 Make something from Pinterest.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is an awesome website that lets you create virtual boards where you can virtually pin things from around the web. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas for parties, decorating your house, fashion, gift ideas…etc. It lets you categorize great ideas so you can come back to them later. You can also see what your friends have pinned, and like or repin them to your own boards. The purpose of this being on the list is that I always pin things with the intention of actually doing them at some point, but I hadn’t actually gotten around to doing any of them yet. Here is the link to the pin that I decided to try.

ImageIt was a pretty simple, yet super effective idea to paint your nails, put little bits of tape on in different designs, paint them another color, and remove the tape. The only hiccups I ran into were a few times when the tape actually pulled up the base color when I removed it, or when the tape wasn’t securely down on my nail, and a little bit of the topcolor seeped under. I had to do some touch ups, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! I added a sparkly clear top coat to finish of the look. Let me know what you think!Image

2012 Summer Bucket List

25 05 2012

I will have 102 days to enjoy summer before I start nursing school this fall, so I decided to try to accomplish 102 things! My summer officially starts June 14th, so I’ll start working on this list then.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to accomplish everything, but I’m certainly going to try! I hope you enjoy following me on this exciting journey!

Long Term

1. Keep a blog for the whole summer

2. Take at least 1 picture every day

3. Work out a minimum of 6 days/week

4. Run a total of 102 miles

5. Finish watching every episode of South Park on Netflix (I’m starting the summer on season 2 out of 14)

6. Keep fresh flowers in my room for the whole summer

7. Read 6 books:

a)   A Tale of Two Castles

b)   The Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion

c)   Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

d)   Kane Chronicles: Throne of Fire

e)    Kane Chronicles: Serpent’s Shadow

f)    Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

g)   Heroes of Olympus: Son of Neptune

8. Watch all these movies, because people can never believe that I haven’t seen them:

a)    Star Wars 4/5/6

b)   Full Metal Jacket

c)   Pulp Fiction

d)   Castaway

e)    Breakfast Club

f)    Rain Man

g)   Back to the Future

h)   The Goonies

i)     The Sound of Music

j)     Grease

9. Make a photo book of my summer!

Because who wouldn’t want to?

10. Milk a goat

11. Stickie Note a car

12. Have a picnic

13. Watch a firework show

14. Volunteer

15. Wear a hat for a day

16. Participate in a charity event

17. Sleep under the stars

Because I’ve always wanted to…

18. Celebrate my half birthday (July 14th)

19. Learn how to French braid

20. Learn how to make my grandma’s Mar Far Chicken

21. Learn how to use a sewing machine

22. Glue a quarter to the ground and watch

23. Ride a mechanical bull

24. Have a conversation with a stranger on a random chat generator

25. Carve my initials into a tree

26. Win a stuffed animal from a claw machine

27. Ride a tandem bike with someone

28. Make homemade ice cream

29. Write on a bathroom stall in a bar

30. Get a tan tattoo

31. Get completely buried in the sand except for my head

32. Watch a drive in movie

33. Prank call someone

34. Fork someone’s yard

Acts of kindness

35. Buy a coffee for the next person in line

36. Have lunch with a stranger (my treat)

37. Pick a random person in the phone book and send them a card to brighten their day

38. Write a letter to a soldier overseas

39. Pick blueberries for my grandparents

40. Wash grandparents’ car

41. Donate blood for the first time

To remind me of my youth…

42. Make a chalk mural on my driveway

43. Buy something from one of those quarter toy machines

44. Jump on a giant trampoline

45. Make smores

46. Fly a kite

47. Complete a 1000 piece puzzle

48. Finger paint a canvas

49. Play flashlight hide and seek with my sisters

50. Swing on a swing

51. Play a game at a fair

52. Have a 90’s TV marathon

Because it would be fun…

53. Buy my first pair of yoga shorts

54. Buy something cute to wear from a secondhand shop

55. Take a picture with every Amanda that I meet

56. Paint every finger and toe nail a different color

57. Try a new hair style

58. Wear bright lipstick for a day

59. Attend a concert

60. Catch a fish

61. Expand my collection of beach glass

62. Make something from Pinterest

63. Take pictures in a photo booth

64. Camp in a tent in the back yard

65. Build an epic sand castle

66. Make glass art

67. Paint a piece of pottery

68. Eat sushi

69. Learn how to grill with a charcoal barbeque

70. Go in a hot tub with glow sticks

71. Dress up super fancy

72. Send fan mail to at least 5 celebrities

73. Create a dance routine with my sisters and post it on YouTube

74. Go white water rafting

Living on the wild side…

75. Go to Level Up (video game bar)

76. Kiss a stranger

77. Play golf while drunk

78. Chinese fire drill

79. Get a temporary tattoo

80. Try a new food

81. Make jello shots

82. Try smoking a flavored cigar

83. Bowl an entire game left handed

84. Go through a drive through backwards

85. Gamble at a casino

86. Do something spontaneous

87. Get something waxed

Because I live in Eugene…

88. Experience the Country Fair

89. Run on Pre’s Trail

90. Go to the Saturday Market

91. Hike Spencer’s Butte

92. Jump off of Wildwood

93. Run the Butte to Butte (10K on July 4th)

To relax…

94. Take a nap in the sun

95. Get a massage

96. Do homemade facials with my sisters

97. Buy birthday cards for the next year (it will be relaxing when I’m in school!)

Not sure if these are possible…

98. Learn how to stand on my hands without help (and maybe walk)

99. Learn how to juggle

100. Learn to not mind the taste of beer

101. Learn how to drive a stick shift

102. Win a prize