#62 Make something from Pinterest

27 05 2012

So, I’ve been working on my list for weeks now, and had wanted to get an early start on checking things off, but I’ve been holding myself back, being very adamant about the “102 days, 102 things”. I thought that posting the list would help relieve a little bit of my excitement and to help me feel like I’m doing something without actually really doing anything on the list, but it actually had the opposite effect and has made me more excited to get everything done! Realizing that I still had almost 3 weeks til I said I would start my summer seemed like it would take forever, so I decided to just get started and forget the rules I had set up for myself. Isn’t that kind of the point of summer anyways? Forgetting the rules and just having a little bit of fun? I think so. So that’s how I got started (early) with my first item on the list: #62 Make something from Pinterest.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is an awesome website that lets you create virtual boards where you can virtually pin things from around the web. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas for parties, decorating your house, fashion, gift ideas…etc. It lets you categorize great ideas so you can come back to them later. You can also see what your friends have pinned, and like or repin them to your own boards. The purpose of this being on the list is that I always pin things with the intention of actually doing them at some point, but I hadn’t actually gotten around to doing any of them yet. Here is the link to the pin that I decided to try.

ImageIt was a pretty simple, yet super effective idea to paint your nails, put little bits of tape on in different designs, paint them another color, and remove the tape. The only hiccups I ran into were a few times when the tape actually pulled up the base color when I removed it, or when the tape wasn’t securely down on my nail, and a little bit of the topcolor seeped under. I had to do some touch ups, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! I added a sparkly clear top coat to finish of the look. Let me know what you think!Image




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