#38 Write a Letter to a Soldier Overseas

30 05 2012

Today was Memorial Day, and I couldn’t think of a better time to thank a soldier fighting overseas. One of the blogs that I regularly follow is called Frugal Living NW and they were told of a group of 300 female soldiers in Afghanistan who could especially use donations of tampons and baby wipes, since they are only given sanitary pads and don’t get to take regular showers. When I heard of their need, I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to cross #38 off of my list, but instead of just one letter, I sent two large care packages crammed full of all kinds of goodies to two soldiers. I had a great time going to the store to pick out candy, random toys, and other fun odds and ends that I thought the soldiers might like. I also parted with my collection of samples, since I figured they would appreciate the single use packaging. My boxes were literally overflowing, and I had to put all my weight into taping the flaps shut. I also enclosed the following letter with a picture of myself. It felt really good to be actively supporting our troops and showing them that people back home really do care about them and appreciate their sacrifice.  I really hope I hear back from one/both of them!

Edit: I got a thank you note! See my update here!

Hello! My name is Amanda and I’m from Eugene, Oregon. I just wanted to thank you so much for your service to our country. I can only imagine all that you are going through over there, and I am so grateful for your willingness to serve.I actually heard about your need for baby wipes and tampons through a blog I follow called frugallivingnw.com. I regularly follow their tips and tricks to get things for free or very inexpensively through sales and coupons, and they shared the wonderful idea to share some of our spoils with you. I hope you will enjoy the goodies enclosed!The suggestion to send care packages came at a perfect time, because I actually made a summer bucket list of over 100 things that I wanted to accomplish before starting nursing school this fall. One of the items that I had put on my list was to write a letter to a soldier fighting overseas, and sending a care package seemed like an even better idea! When I got to compiling everything into a box, I discovered that I easily had enough for 2 boxes!I hope you will be able to use or pass on all everything I sent. I tried to cram the box as full as I could. =) If you’d like, you can check out my online summer blog at my100daysofsummer.wordpress.com. I added my contact information below. I’d love to hear from you, and to send you more care packages in the future sometime. Please let me know if there are any items that you especially want or need and I’ll try to send them to you! Thank you again for all that you do!




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21 07 2012
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[…] this week! In May, I sent a couple care packages to our troops fighting in Afghanistan (see my post here) and this week I was thrilled to receive a thank you note from one of the soldiers! The second […]

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