#52 Have a 90’s TV Marathon

4 06 2012

It’s kind of amazing how much of my childhood was spent watching cartoons. Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Inspector Gadget… I knew each character so well, learned their lines by heart, and could even predict how they would react in certain situations. Seeing these long lost shows was like seeing old friends for the first time in over a decade. Most of the details had faded from my memory, but I still remembered the essence of their characters like it was yesterday.  It’s really awesome that the internet has progressed so much that I can call these familiar faces back to my TV screen whenever I feel like it.

In anticipation of my 90’s TV marathon, my wonderful boyfriend of 6 1/2 years, Alex, made the suggestion that we set the mood with 90’s snacks. What an obvious and amazing suggestion – why didn’t I think of that?! Thence, we hurried off to the nearby grocery store to pick out some nostalgic treats. We settled on Handi-Snacks, Ring Pops, Bubble Tape, Cow Tails, and a variety pack  of Fruit Roll Ups, Fruit By the Foot, and Gushers.

The only thing missing was this awesome drink we used to love called Squeeze-Its. It was a soft plastic bottle that you twisted the plastic top off of, and then squeezed to get the juice out. The bottles had funny faces molded onto them, and they had awesome names, like Grumpy Grape (our favorite) and Smarty Arty Orange. Sadly, they stopped making these awesome drinks in 2001. =( I think that Kool Aid has a similar knock off squeeze bottle, but nothing is quite the same as drinking a Grumpy Grape with a grumpy face on the side.

At any rate, it was an amazing trip down memory lane to be munching on treats and watching cartoons from our childhood. Rugrats always was and probably will always be my favorite cartoon of all time. I’ve seen every episode so many times! Watching these shows all these years later, I discovered details I somehow never noticed when I was younger. Like, how did I not realize that Arnold from Hey Arnold wears a kilt? And how did I not remember that Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life has a strong Australian accent? I guess that makes sense, since he’s a wallaby (another detail I didn’t realize). I definitely think I’m going to have to familiarize myself with my favorite old shows again, especially now that Netflix has added so many of them to their streaming service! In the meantime, #52 – check!




2 responses

5 06 2012
Gone With The Summer

Love love love this post!
And actually, Arnold isn’t wearing a kilt – it’s his untucked shirt! You can tell because it matches his collar. But, it’s alright, we were all thinking this same thing (:

6 06 2012

OMG, you’re right! He sure has a random outfit! I just can’t believe I never paid attention to it until now. Glad you enjoyed reading my post!

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