#69, #7b, & #8a Grill on a Charcoal BBQ, Read a Book, & Watch Star Wars

5 06 2012

I accomplished a LOT today! I started off with finishing 7b, reading The Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion. This is the second book in the Beyonders trilogy, and now I absolutely can’t wait for the third one to come out next year. It’s written by Brandon Mull, who is also the author of the Fablehaven series (my boyfriend, Alex’s favorite book series ever), and he is really an amazing author. His story lines are so detailed and complex, and they have all really drawn me into their world. I highly recommend you check out his books if you like J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan.

And then the real fun began. Until today, I had never used a charcoal barbecue. I’d eaten plenty of burgers off of them, but I’d never actually done the cooking on my own. I was actually quite intimidated by the thought of using one, since it’s not like you just turn a knob to the temperature you want and set a timer. It actually turned out to be considerably easier than I expected. To start with, I dumped in the charcoal briquettes and stacked them up into a nice pyramid. Then I got to douse them in lighter fluid and light a match. Honestly, lighting the match proved to be the hardest part! The box I was using only had 5 matches left and I couldn’t get them to start! The first one broke in half, the next 2 got blown out by the wind, the 4th one just fell off of my charcoal pyramid and went out, and finally, the last match successfully lit the pyramid on fire! Then I got to douse it with more lighter fluid and put on the lid. After several minutes, the briquettes in the center of my pyramid were glowing hot, and I got to spread out my pyramid into an even layer. Then it was just a matter of putting on the burgers, flipping them occasionally, adding cheese, and pulling them off! Easy peasy.

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The night concluded with experiencing Star Wars for the first time. It was a bit confusing, but I mostly enjoyed it. Having heard Star Wars references for my whole life, I had a few ideas in my mind for how I thought things would be. For example, I was really expecting Darth Vader’s voice to be much deeper than it was. When he spoke, he really just sounded like a normal person. I was really expecting him, to have a deeper, angrier, voice. And I wanted Luke and Leia to be cuter. I mean, Leia is a PRINCESS for goodness sakes! She’s supposed to be a knockout! And I thought that the wookie would talk, so I was somewhat put off when I discovered that he could only make annoying wails. But I mostly liked it. I might even watch another one sometime. In the meantime, today was a very successful bucket list day, and you HAVE to check out this little girls recap of the movie! 




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