#75 Go to Level Up

11 06 2012

Level Up is this awesome new video game bar that opened within the last couple months. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about it, and have really been looking forward to going. Tonight happened to be my friend, Hannah’s 21st birthday, and even though I had to work until 11, I told them I’d meet up with them afterwards. When I called to see where they were, they just so happened to be at Level Up!  We only stayed there for about 15 minutes before everyone wanted to move on to another bar, but I saw enough to know that I definitely want to go back! The hand stamp was the “?” block from Mario, there were cute, pixelated old school video game designs on the walls, and of course, there were video games everywhere! Pinball, car racing, Street Fighter, and lots of old school Mario, Donkey Kong…etc. And every game had a cup holder attached to it! It was an AWESOME place!

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