#50 Swing on a Swing

14 06 2012

When I was younger, I used to LOVE swings. In my opinion, they were by far the best piece of playground equipment. Forget the slides, monkey bars, and jungle gyms, I wanted a swing. There’s something thrilling about using your own momentum to propel yourself high in the air, and feeling the wind rush in your face and whip your hair around. I also love the view when you lean your head back and the whole world goes upside down. I definitely remember spending whole recesses looking at the world from this inverted point of view, pretending my feet would reach the clouds if I just reached a little bit farther, and looking at the ground to see how close my hair was to brushing the dirt. Swinging on a swing today took me right back to my childhood, which  is why I put it on my list! I hope I never grow up so much that I stop appreciating the magic of swings.




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