#28 Make Homemade Ice Cream

17 06 2012

When I was creating my summer bucket list, I initially wanted to make this one “Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck”, but then I realized that it’s been years since I’ve heard of an ice cream truck making the rounds in any neighborhood, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to complete it.  As a comparable alternative, I decided to try my hand at making homemade ice cream instead.  Since today was a warm, sunny Father’s day, I thought it would be the perfect time to check this one off of my list. My wonderful boyfriend, Alex’s parents had an electric ice cream maker, so I asked them if we could make ice cream for our Father’s Day lunch dessert. I have never made ice cream before, but it was a pretty simple process. First, we combined all of the ingredients in a bowl, which included sweetened condensed milk, eggs, vanilla, and some other stuff. We poured it into the ice cream maker container, and added almost an entire half gallon of milk. Then we put in the mixing thing and the lid, and set it in the blue bucket. We filled the bucket with ice and rock salt, and turned on the motor, which spun the canister and turned the mixing thing at the same time. The rock salt helps to lower the melting temperature of water, so that the ice melts faster, and makes the ice cream canister colder. Since it kept melting down, I had to keep adding more ice and salt to maintain the cold temperature. Eventually the motor started sounding sluggish, indicating that the ice cream was starting to get thicker and harder to churn. We unplugged it, let it set for a while, and then opened it up to find delicious vanilla ice cream! It melted really fast, but was really really good. It was a fun, sweet treat for a hot day! I definitely will be making this again someday, and might even experiment with trying different flavors. #28 was a definite success!




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