#80 & #66 Try a New Food & Make Glass Art

22 06 2012

#80 Try a New Food

Today was very rainy and gloomy. We were going to golf today, but decided to go out to lunch first with the hope that the rain might pass by and leave us with a clear afternoon.  A while back I had bought a Living Social discounted certificate to a random cafe called Perugino in downtown Eugene, so we decided to try them out. Alex and I both ordered pesto turkey panini sandwiches, and we decided to try their soup of the day: African Peanut Stew with Yogurt. The idea of a stew being made with peanuts seemed pretty random to me, but the idea of putting yogurt on top really pushed it over the edge. I really have no idea what was in the stew, but it had really good flavor.  There were some interesting looking chunks, and some interesting textures, but overall I thought it was really good! #80 was a success!

#66 Make Glass Art

Since it was still raining after we ate lunch, we decided to use another Living Social certificate I had bought to make glass art at a local shop called The Glass Fuser. This was our first experience with making glass art, and it was really fun! We took a bunch of partially melted pieces of glass and arranged them on a glass rectangle. Once we had our design laid out, we had to glue the pieces in place and fill in the empty spaces with tiny glass particles. It was simple, but pretty fun! I made a garden scene, and Alex made a beach scene. We have to wait a week before they are melted and ready for us to pick up, and I can’t wait to see how they turned out! Our rainy day turned out to be pretty fun in the end.




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