#56 Paint All Finger/Toe Nails Different Colors

24 06 2012

I started regularly painting my nails a couple months ago because I started going to hour long hard core yoga classes several times each week. Since you spend so much time staring at either your hands or your feet in the different poses, I started keeping my nails painted so that I would have something fun to look at throughout the class. I’ve been trying different colors and styles each week, and that was my inspiration for this item on my bucket list.  Tonight, Alex and I went to a nice happy hour dinner with our friends Taylor and Tyler, then we went back to their new apartment to take advantage of their pool and hot tub! As I was sitting in the hot tub, looking at my week old, chipped fingernails, I realized that it was time to repaint them, yet again. Then it hit me – Taylor has lots of nail polish too, including lots of colors I don’t have! She was more than willing to let me use her polish, and even helped me to paint some of them. I think they turned out pretty awesome!




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25 06 2012
Adventures in Polishland

how fun!!

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