#77 Drunk Golf

10 07 2012

Alex and I had plans to golf with our friends Taylor and Tyler today, and I decided that with all the golfing I’ve been doing, it was about time to experience a golf course from a non-sober point of view. =) Alex used a water bottle to conceal a mixture of orange juice and marshmallow vodka, and I was happily tipsy just a couple holes into the game. I really enjoy golf all on its own, and was expecting that I’d just be in a happier, fun mood, like I normally feel when I get a happy buzz from drinking. However, since the game of golf requires focus and coordination, I found it infinitely more difficult to hit the ball correctly, and my golf game suffered tremendously. I couldn’t hit the ball correctly to save my life, and ended up getting a little frustrated with myself. While I’m very glad I finally had this experience, I think I can officially say that I much prefer golfing when I have a clear head and can focus on the game!




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