Mail Updates, #8h Watch The Goonies, #81 Jello Shots, #82 Flavored Cigar, & #108 High Tea

21 07 2012

I’ve been house sitting over the last several days, which has caused me to really slack off on my blogging. Therefore, I’ve crammed a LOT into this post! So without further ado, here we go!

Mail Updates!

I received two AWESOME pieces of mail this week! In May, I sent a couple care packages to our troops fighting in Afghanistan (see my post here) and this week I was thrilled to receive a thank you note from one of the soldiers! The second piece of mail I was delighted to see was a little package from Sarah at Gone With the Summer! I had entered a drawing on Sarah’s blog to win an adorable pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, and  was so excited to find out that I won! Since winning a prize was on my summer bucket list, it was an especially awesome that I got to check it off by winning a prize from a fellow bucket list blogger! Sarah included a super cute note, and I absolutely LOVE the sunglasses! I will definitely have to wear these this summer!

#8h Watch The Goonies

I came across this coupon for a free month pass for kids and family rentals at Blockbuster, and seized the opportunity to rent The Goonies! I had never seen this movie and (like most of the other movies on my list) had no idea what it was about, but I knew that it was set in Astoria, OR, which is just a 3 hour drive away from me! My wonderful boyfriend, Alex, had worked as a paramedic up there for a couple years, and he was getting such a kick out of seeing the town in the movie, because apparently it looks almost exactly the same, and he said he even ran a call in the blue house right next door to The Goonies house! Since the house is pretty close to where I live, I think I’ll have to take a trip up there to see it in person sometime! I thought that the movie was excellent, though I can’t believe that it was only rated PG! The kids said, “Oh sh*t!” multiple times throughout the movie, and there was even a scene where they broke a man’s private part off of a nude statue and were trying to stick it back on! I guess they had different standards of what is appropriate back when this movie was made! Nevertheless, I thought it was awesome, and it’s definitely one of my favorite movies that I’ve watched from my list so far.

#81 Make Jello Shots

I’ve been wanting to do this item on my list for ages now, and I finally decided it was the perfect opportunity to do it while I was house sitting! This particular family has a gorgeous house with a beautiful view of the city and their own private hot tub, and they’ve made it clear that they don’t mind if I throw a party. I’d never really hosted a party before, but it turned out to be really fun! I decided to make the Jello shots extra fun by using two different flavors, which were peach-mango and blackberry pomegranate, and they tasted amazing together! I tilted the tray at an angle to set in the fridge, so that the colors would be slanted in the end. Then I added the top layer and let them chill again. I think they turned out perfect! I definitely could see myself making these again someday, and they really weren’t that difficult!

#82 Smoke a Flavored Cigar

So, earlier this summer I smoked a little bit of a swisher sweet cigar for the first time, and I was thoroughly unimpressed by the taste. I was really hoping that smoking a chocolate flavored cigar would taste better, but unfortunately it didn’t. I can now say I’ve smoked things twice in my life, and I have no desire to try for a third. But oh well, now I can say that I’ve tried it!

#108 Attend High Tea

A dear friend named Jennifer invited me to attend high tea with her at Scatter Joy tea room in Junction City, which is just a few miles away from Eugene. I had never been to a high tea, but was thrilled to try it out! We got to try 2 different pots of tea, and we chose Caramel Creme Brulee and Jasmine Green tea. Both were very good! We also got a dainty little salad, and a multi tiered tray of finger sandwiches, scones, and other goodies! I was so glad that Jennifer knew what she was doing, because I was clueless! I learned that you drop a sugar cube into your tea by letting it slowly slide down the side of your cup, rather than just plopping it in. I also learned that the little tray of yellow goop was not butter, but rather a delicious lemon curd, and that you don’t eat the said lemon curd like a pudding, but rather by putting it on your scones! My favorite was the dessert, which was a homemade pink lemonade cake, and oh my, was it delicious! The tea room was absolutely adorable, with all kinds of dainty little treasures and treats, and I could definitely see myself going back there for another girls day out!




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21 07 2012
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21 07 2012
Jennifer Gausman

I very much enjoyed our tea today. I was excited to participate in your bucket list adventure. Jenni

21 07 2012

I was so excited you invited me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Definitely need to do it again sometime!

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