Summer is Winding Down…

16 09 2012

My summer is just flying by! Only one week left until I start school. =( I just got back from a trip to San Francisco for 3 days and Las Vegas for 4 days, and it was really great! Here’s a recap of the things I accomplished over the last two weeks:

#68 Eat Sushi

A former coworker of mine goes to sushi almost every week, and he and his wife invited Alex and me out to show us the ropes! There’s a really awesome sushi place near my yoga studio, and they have some pretty reasonable happy hour pricing, so we checked it out. We got 3 rolls as well as some potstickers and coconut shrimp, and we were stuffed! It all tasted really good, and I know that we’ll definitely be going back sometime!

#60 Catch a Fish

My mom and her husband go fishing all the time, and I’ve been wanting to go with them to catch a fish for a while now. They wanted to wait til after their wedding so that they’d have more time, and I finally got to go! We were fishing for salmon, and we were going to go in the ocean, but the day we went there was a rough bar report, which mean that it was really rough on the water and the coast guard wasn’t letting anyone go out. So we went in a river instead, and we spent over 8 hours trying to get them to bite! We finally managed to hook one, and I was able to catch my first salmon ever!


#63 Take Pictures in a Photo Booth

One day when we were walking around in San Francisco, we came across a photo booth, so I recruited my friend Ashton to help me check this one off of my list! The photo booth we went to was a special one that let us access the video of our experience online, and it was funny to watch! You can access it here if you want to check it out.

#100 Learn to Not Mind the Taste of Beer

My boyfriend Alex LOVES beer, so I’ve been trying little sips of his all summer long. On our trip to San Francisco, we ate at a restaurant called Wipeout, and Alex ordered a bucket of mini Coronas for us to share. I figured that this was my opportunity to really seal the deal on this bucket list item, and a successfully finished a beer all by myself! I can’t say that it’s my favorite thing in the world, and I don’t think I’ll ever order one just for fun, but I like knowing that I can manage to drink a little at a party or a dinner if the occasion calls for drinking one. (As a disclaimer, I am 23 years old and legally old enough to drink alcoholic beverages, and I refrained from drinking until I turned 21.)


#107 Party in Vegas 

After a few days in San Francisco, we caught a plane to Las Vegas! It was my very first time there, and I had a blast! We went out to a few different clubs/bars while we were there, and it was a really awesome experience. It was fun getting all dressed up to go out at night. We also did a lot of walking and sight seeing during the day, and I definitely look forward to going back!

#85 Gamble at a Casino

Since we were in Vegas, I naturally gambled a little! I played slots, some blackjack, a big wheel game, and a dice game called Sic Bo that was pretty fun. I didn’t lose too much money, and on my last day I put in a $20 bill and cashed out at $50, so I was happy to end on a positive note.

#94 Nap in the Sun

Our hotel in Vegas had a wave pool and a lazy river so we spent several hours out there. It also gave me the perfect excuse to lay out napping in the sun.




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