Blueberries, watermelon Oreos, and wedding plans

26 06 2013

#2 Finalize Guest List (for wedding)
I finally condensed my multiple lists of guests into just one, and we have 310 people being invited! Yikes! I think I got everyone, but I’m sure we’ll add a few more over the next year. At least now this gives me an idea of how many Save The Dates and invitations we’re going to need. Plans are moving along!

#62 Pick Blueberries
BlueberriesIt feels like just a few days ago I looked at our blueberry plants and saw green berries, but today they were bursting with ripeness! It was a cool and cloudy today, but it’s supposed to be really hot for the next week, getting up into the 90’s, so I took advantage of the cool evening to knock this one off of my list. I only made a small dent in the multitude of plants, but at least it’s a start!

#90 Watermelon Oreos
I was getting a little worried about not being able to find these in stores, since they’re a limited edition flavor for the summer, but I was thrilled to see a full display of them at my local Target last night! When I was at the checkstand, the cashier even mentioned that he didn’t realize that they were back in stock, and the told me that they sold out really fast last time. When it was time to eat them, it was fun to see the pink and green inside, and to taste the fake watermelon flavor that reminds me of my childhood favorites: Lip Smackers watermelon chapstick and watermelon jelly beans. I’m sure I’ll share lost of them with my family and friends!Watermelon Oreos

“No sew” blanket, movies, and roller derby

25 06 2013

#45 Make a “no sew” fleece blanket
Braided EdgeOver the years I’ve seen lots of people with those cozy looking double layered fleece blankets made by tying the edges together, but I’ve never made one of my own… until now! I looked online for a tutorial and I came across this neat braided edge design, so I decided to try it out! I started by laying the fleece out and trimming the edges so they were straight, then I matched the two layers up and trimmed them so they were even. I then went around the edges and cut 1.5 inch slits and then cut little holes in the middle of them and used a paperclip to pull one piece through the other, making the neat braided pattern. It was a really long process that took FOREVER but I’m very happy with the finished product! It is really warm and cozy, and I didn’t have to deal with a sewing machine to make it!



#66 Watch Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful CreaturesI really enjoyed reading this book series and was excited to see the movie, but it came out in theaters when I was in the middle of reading the series, and it came out on DVD when I was in the middle of lots of studying last term in school, so I kept putting it off. When Redbox sent me a free rental code, it was finally the perfect opportunity to check this one off! I must say that I  enjoyed the books much more than the movie, but I’m glad that I finally got to see it.


#73 Watch Monsters University
I LOVE Disney movies, and was so excited to hear that Pixar was coming out with a prequel to Monsters, Inc. I marked it in my calendar and Alex and I went to see it on its opening day! It was really cute, and I’m so glad I got the chance to see it!

Monsters University


#41 Watch Roller Derby
Roller derbyOne of my nursing school friends competes in roller derby, and it sparked the idea that I’d like to watch it sometime. Since they were having a “brawl” right here in my hometown, I decided to seize the opportunity and check it out. One thing I was surprised by right away was that the skating rink was just a flat hard floor, rather than the raised wooden rinks that I’ve seen on TV and in the movies.  I was also really surprised to see 7 referees in the center of the rink at all times. When I started watching, I thought I’d be able to figure it out on my own, but after several minutes of confused puzzling over what was happening, I resorted to google to learn the basic rules. Google gave me the general idea of what was going on, but I was really happy to meet up with my friend “Miss Kitty La Rue” during a halftime break and she explained things in a little more detail for me, while we watched other teams compete. I really loved the fun names that the skaters had, like Wonder Dread and Jala Pain Yo. I’m really glad I got to experience something so completely new and different!

Derby friends

Door of Inspiration, Ice Cream, and more!

15 06 2013

#39 Make a “Door of Inspiration”
My bed directly faces my bedroom door and for months now I’ve been wanting to decorate it with things that inspire me. I’m so glad I finally got around to it! I’ve been pinning inspirational pictures and quotes for ages, so I went through and printed out my favorites and turned my door into a life-size Pinterest board of inspiration! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Door of Inspiration


#20 Use My New Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream MakerI purchased this awesome ice cream maker on sale over the winter and have been dying to try it out! My fiance, Alex, had a sore throat tonight, so it was the perfect opportunity to take it out of the box. This was a different type of ice cream maker, because it had a bowl that you froze ahead of time, rather than having to put in ice and salt while it churned. I had actually put the bowl in the freezer shortly after I purchased it, but just hadn’t gotten around to trying it out. Since we had lots of frozen strawberries, we decided to try making strawberry ice cream.  According to the recipe booklet that came with it, it was okay to substitute any milk-like products for the heavy cream, so we opted to use a coconut flavored almond milk that we had on hand and it turned out like a delicious sorbet! I am definitely excited to try more recipes and use it in the future!

Eating ice cream


#84 Pulp Fiction
Pulp FictionIt was on my bucket list last summer to watch Pulp Fiction, but I never got around to it. Since Alex and I were having a laid back day, we decided to watch a movie and he mentioned that he wanted to watch this one, and Netflix had it streaming, so we did! I had no idea what this movie was about, but it turned out to be very long and definitely R rated. Since this movie was made about 20 years ago, it was different to see people smoking indoors and really crazy to see a lot of big name actors such as Bruce Willis, John Travolta, and Samuel L. Jackson when they were much earlier in their careers. I’m glad that I can now say that I’ve seen such a popular movie, but I definitely have no desire to see it again.

#44 $5 Bill Challenge
I first heard of this idea on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a fun thing to try – basically, you set aside every $5 bill you obtain and after you accumulate a sizable amount of money, you use it to pay for something special. I have no idea what I would want to spend the money on, but I’m interested to see how much I could end up saving, especially since I use cards to pay for almost everything. I went through my wallet tonight and pulled out two $5 bills and we’ll see how much I end up with at the end of summer!

Aerial Yoga

13 06 2013

#12 Aerial Yoga

My lovely yoga friend, Ardyn, invited me to go to an aerial yoga class with her and it was so much fun! It was such a different feeling to be swinging above the ground while putting yourself into different poses.  Many parts really reminded me of playing on the swings when I was younger, and I felt an exhilarating child-like joy throughout the class. I had such a great time and will definitely be back for more!


2013 Summer Bucket List

12 06 2013

Wahoo!!! Summer is here! After a grueling 9 months of nursing school, I am officially half way done and SO ready to enjoy my summer! My list this summer isn’t quite as extensive as last summer, but it should still prove to be a great adventure!

Summer 2013 Bucket List

Wedding Plans:

  1. Take engagement photos
  2. Finalize guest list
  3. Send “Save the Dates”
  4. Hire a photographer
  5. Hire a caterer
  6. Figure out wedding cakes
  7. Make sample batch of snack mix
  8. Collect/clean glass jars/bottles
  9. Collect photo booth props
  10. Wedding favors


  1. Try hot yoga
  2. Try aerial yoga
  3. Outdoor yoga
  4. Attend a yoga workshop
  5. Take pictures doing yoga in nature
  6. Work towards lotus pose
  7. Work towards King Dancer pose

Other Fun

  1. Create a summer playlist
  2. Make bottle cap coasters
  3. Use my new ice cream maker
  4. Use my new food dehydrator
  5. Take pictures with an underwater camera
  6. Buy a dress for Hawaii
  7. Get a bikini body (for Hawaii)
  8. Make a pie
  9. Hang a sign over a toilet that says “This Way to The Ministry of Magic”
  10. Homemade popsicles
  11. Hike somewhere new with Alex
  12. Handcuff myself to one of my sisters for 4 hours
  13. Blind makeovers with my sisters
  14. Shop at “The Bins”
  15. Garage sale-ing
  16. Feed ducks/geese
  17. Learn how to do the cup song
  18. Tie dye
  19. Learn how to do a new hairstyle on myself
  20. Do something new with my nails
  21. Donate 20,000 grains of free rice (
  22. Make a “Door of Inspiration”
  23. Homemade microwave popcorn
  24. Watch roller derby
  25. Try applesauce
  26. Try teeth whitening Pinterest idea
  27. $5 bill challenge
  28. Make a “no sew” fleece blanket
  29. Make a shower cleaning wand
  30. Buy “Tanga Trash”
  31. Salt and Straw
  32. Voodoo Donut t-shirt challenge
  33. Learn pain meds for school

Didn’t Get Around To Last Summer

  1. Volunteer
  2. Drive thru backwards
  3. Buy coffee for the next person in line
  4. Chinese fire drill
  5. Sun tattoo (using nail polish this time)
  6. Random chat generator
  7. Wildwood
  8. White water rafting

Encore From Last Summer (Because It Was So Much Fun!)

  1. Pick up beach glass
  2. Float the river
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Pick blueberries
  5. S’mores

Movies to Watch

  1. Pay It Forward
  2. Sixteen Candles
  3. Beautiful Creatures
  4. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  5. Safe Haven
  6. Magic Mike
  7. West Side Story
  8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  9. The Neverending Story
  10. Monsters University (in theaters June 21)
  11. Despicable Me 2 (in theaters July 3)
  12. Disney movie marathon

Reading List

  1. I Capture the Castle
  2. Beyonders #3: Chasing the Prophecy
  3. Extras (Uglies #4)
  4. The Great Gatsby
  5. Enders Game
  6. Game of Thrones
  7. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
  8. The Sign of the Beaver