Blueberries, watermelon Oreos, and wedding plans

26 06 2013

#2 Finalize Guest List (for wedding)
I finally condensed my multiple lists of guests into just one, and we have 310 people being invited! Yikes! I think I got everyone, but I’m sure we’ll add a few more over the next year. At least now this gives me an idea of how many Save The Dates and invitations we’re going to need. Plans are moving along!

#62 Pick Blueberries
BlueberriesIt feels like just a few days ago I looked at our blueberry plants and saw green berries, but today they were bursting with ripeness! It was a cool and cloudy today, but it’s supposed to be really hot for the next week, getting up into the 90’s, so I took advantage of the cool evening to knock this one off of my list. I only made a small dent in the multitude of plants, but at least it’s a start!

#90 Watermelon Oreos
I was getting a little worried about not being able to find these in stores, since they’re a limited edition flavor for the summer, but I was thrilled to see a full display of them at my local Target last night! When I was at the checkstand, the cashier even mentioned that he didn’t realize that they were back in stock, and the told me that they sold out really fast last time. When it was time to eat them, it was fun to see the pink and green inside, and to taste the fake watermelon flavor that reminds me of my childhood favorites: Lip Smackers watermelon chapstick and watermelon jelly beans. I’m sure I’ll share lost of them with my family and friends!Watermelon Oreos




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