Teeth whitening & Magic Mike

2 07 2013

#43 Teeth Whitening Pinterest Idea
I found this neat DIY idea on Pinterest to whiten your teeth at home for a fraction of the cost of whitening strips, and I was excited to try it out! It only required a little bit of toothpaste, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, and I was able to find those last two items at Target for 50 cents each. I mixed a little bit of each into a small cup, and used the mixture to brush tonight, rather than just my toothpaste alone. After a couple minutes of brushing I noticed that the mixture was getting a little bit abrasive against my gums and the roof of my mouth, and after rinsing it all out, my mouth tissues felt a little bit raw for a couple minutes. The feeling returned back to normal within a few minutes though, and my teeth felt so smooth! It felt just like after getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. I have used whitening strips before, but  I have sensitive teeth and they have always inflamed my sensitive areas, so I was happy to not suffer any sensitivity with this method. Another thing I don’t like about the strips is that they only cover your teeth in the front of your mouth, leaving the back ones to continue darkening over time. With this method, the whitening covers all parts of all your teeth. I also like that it is only recommended to use this concoction once per week, and then even less often as you achieve your desired results. I did look into a few different methods of DIY teeth whitening, and felt that it was relatively safe to use this method because it only contained toothpaste, which I already use, baking soda, which is found in many dental care products, and hydrogen peroxide, which is found in whitening strips. I stayed away from other concoctions that required lemon juice as I read about how the extreme acidity is not good for your teeth. Time will tell if my teeth become whiter, but at least they feel extra smooth and clean!

#69 Magic Mike
I have wanted to see this movie since it came out, and I finally got the chance! I used to have a bit of a crush on Matthew McConaughey from when he was in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, so I was really excited to see him in another movie, and Channing Tatum is gorgeous, so naturally I was thrilled to get to look at him. I was a little disappointed that Matthew McConaughey isn’t nearly as attractive as I used to think he was, but Channing Tatum and several of the other guys were smoking hot! I was a little disappointed that the story line involved drug use, but I enjoyed the rest of the story for the most part. And I really enjoyed looking at all of the washboard abs!



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14 07 2013

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