Another Week of Awesomeness!

11 08 2013

I’m just knocking these out like crazy! I had a very laid back and fun filled week checking things off the list and making me feel productive. Here’s the recap:

#4 Hire a photographer (for my wedding)
I have been struggling with this one for a long time now, because I wanted someone to take really nice, professional pictures, but I didn’t like the outrageous price tag that often goes along with it. We have a friend who takes amazing pictures and I wanted him to be our photographer, but since he’s one of the groomsmen, that wasn’t going to work. On my search for the perfect photographer I scoured the ads on craigslist and thought I found the perfect match until several emails later when I discovered that she was based out of another state and was going to require airfare, 2 nights hotel stay, a rental car, and gas, on top of her price for the work! I went back to craigslist and was thrilled to discover J-C Photography. They are a husband and wife team based out of a town about an hour away from me, and they do wedding photography as a side business, and they photographed another wedding at my venue last year! I met with Jackie and was absolutely thrilled with the shots they had taken and how warm and friendly she was, and I loved their price even more! I’m convinced that I found the perfect match for our needs, and I’m glad to have this item checked off the list!

#5 Hire a caterer (for my wedding)
This was another big struggle for me – I wanted to be in charge of preparing my own food, but my parents really strongly pressured me to find a caterer instead so I wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of it. I have searched around for a while, but with over 300 invited guests, I wasn’t interested in the price of any caterer I found, the least expensive starting around $10/person and only going up from there. After much deliberation, I made the decision to stick with my initial desire to be my own caterer, and am working on planning a sandwich bar and salad bar. I think it will go really well with my wedding being outdoors in the heat of summer, and I’m really looking forward to planning it all!

#8 Collect/clean glass bottles/jars
I have been hitting up lots of garage sales for inexpensive vintage bottles and jars and have also been collecting liquor and wine bottles, as well as other neat household jars and am very happy with my collection so far. This is just a small piece of the collection I’ve amassed, and I think I’m going to end up with a very nice assortment to use as vases at the wedding.IMG_3141

#21 Use my new food dehydrator
I was housesitting at a place where they have 2 rows of apple hedges/bushes (no idea how they get them to grow that way, but it’s neat!) and I took advantage of the abundance of fruit to try out my food dehydrator that I had gotten on sale at Amazon a while back. There were also a few bananas that were about to spoil, so I sliced those up as well. I turned on the dehydrator and in the morning, voila! Dried fruit! I was very happy with how it all turned out, especially the bananas and will definitely be using my dehydrator again in the future.IMG_3135

#25 Make a pie
IMG_3077Continuing on with the abundance of apples, I decided to make an apple pie! I used this recipe for the crust (doubled for top and bottom) and this recipe for the filing. I think it turned out great! I also whipped up a batch of almond milk vanilla ice cream in my ice cream maker and it made for the perfect sweet treat for a hot summer night!IMG_3078

#29 Handcuff myself to one of my sisters
I initially put that I wanted to do this for 4 hours, but my sister, Haley, and I didn’t start until 8:30 at night and we took it off around 10:00 so she could get ready for bed. It was a fun for a while, and definitely made us laugh. =) (We used a scarf.)IMG_3106

#36 Learn how to do a new hairstyle on myself
So I didn’t exactly learn how to do anything new, but I did get my hair cut with layers for the first time in years! My sister, Hannah, and I went in to get free layered hair cuts from the Aveda Institute in Portland, where up and coming stylists needed practice subjects to take before and after pictures showcasing their skills at layered cutting. I was a little apprehensive about letting an amateur work on my hair, but our stylists were great, and they had to ask their instructors to check their work along the way. The only downside was that it took 2 hours! I was glad that they took their time and did a great job though, and hey, it was free!IMG_3080

#52 Drive thru backwards
This one was fun! My sister, Hannah, really wanted ice cream one night, so it was the perfect opportunity to knock this one off the list! We had a blast, though I was a little bummed that the McDonalds employees weren’t at all amused. The last person we talked to relayed a message from the manager that if we went through backwards again, they would refuse to serve us. Oh well, it was cheap entertainment!IMG_3138

#54 Chinese fire drill
Now that my sister, Hannah, finally has her license, we were able to do this one! For those of you who don’t know, a Chinese fire drill is when you come up to a red light and all the people get out of the car and run around to a different seat and continue driving. Hannah was nervous though, so we did it at a stop sign in a neighborhood instead of at a red light. It was still fun though!

#58 White water rafting
Alex and I hadn’t been white water rafting since we were kids, so I took advantage of a great deal on Living Social to experience the adventure at a discount from River Trail Guides. It was relaxing, fun, and we even ended up in the same boat as one of my favorite high school teachers, Mr. Davis, who taught me Spanish. I had also babysat his two daughters who were now much older, and it was really fun seeing them all again.  We had a great time, and I would definitely go back again!IMG_3076

#88 Grilled Cheese Grill
Hannah and I stopped at this food cart in Portland after our hair cuts. I had heard about it from another blog I follow and was excited to give it a try. The double decker bus was definitely a fun, unique touch, and the sandwich was greasy, but good. I got a basic grilled cheese with pesto, and my sister got The Preschooler, which was a basic grilled cheese with the crusts cut off. I think I’d go back with Alex sometime, because he would probably be interested in trying something like The Cheesus, which is a hamburger that uses grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun, and I’d be interested in trying a dessert sandwich.IMG_3140

#89 Buffalo Wild Wings
buffalo-wild-wingsWe finally got a BWW in my town a couple months ago, and hit them up for their wing special night. It was perfectly comfortable in their outdoor covered porch, and it was fun to try different wing sauces. We don’t eat wings very often, and discovered the hard way that “boneless” means fried – I definitely will get the regular ones next time. It was fun though, and I’m sure we’ll be back again.

#94 Try the infinity dancers pose with my sisters
I (like many people before me I’m sure) saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest of 2 girls doing dancers pose and making an infinity sign, and since I regularly do yoga and my sisters have danced their whole lives, I thought we’d have little trouble being able to copy them. Boy was I wrong!

Here’s what it was supposed to look like:afb67ce072137d7295c72987fb97c976

And here’s what we looked like:IMG_3139

#97 Eat Indian food
Alex and I hadn’t eaten Indian food since we were much younger, so we were excited to try this one. We went to a lunch buffet so we could sample a little bit of everything, and it was good! The decor was really neat too, with fake trees inside, and fake foliage attached to the ceiling, which was painted to look like the sky so it would feel like you were eating under a tree. Our favorite was the Chicken Tandori and there was also some good creamy spinach dish and some yummy potato-like things. There was chicken that was colored bright red with tasty spices, and for dessert – a delicious, light, sweet treat made with coconut milk, rice, and some little berries. A lot of the time we didn’t really know what we were eating, but it was really good and fun to experience! We’ll definitely be back!IMG_3136


#102, #12, & #58 Win a Prize, Picnic, & Bright Lipstick

8 07 2012

#102 Win a Prize

I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning and slumped into my desk chair to start going through my emails, like I do most mornings. I was quickly wide awake when I opened one that started with “CONGRATULATIONS!” Last week I had entered a contest to win a pair of heart shaped sunglasses from a girl named Sarah who writes her own summer bucket list blog, Gone With the Summer. Reading Sarah’s blog was a huge inspiration to start my own summer bucket list blog, and I have been following her summer adventures for a couple months now.

Owning a pair of heart shaped sunglasses was an item on Sarah’s summer bucket list, and she decided to give a pair away to one of her followers too. You can see her blog post about it here. I entered her contest not really expecting that I’d win, and my suspicions were confirmed when she stated on her Facebook page that she had picked a winner and they had already been contacted. However, since the winner didn’t respond within 3 days, she picked a new winner and it was ME! I was super excited to get the email, and it wasn’t until that very moment that I realized that winning a prize was one of the items on my own bucket list, and I had just completed it! I had even been calling in to radio stations throughout the last week trying to win free movie tickets, but I never made it through because the lines were always busy. Completing this one just kind of happened all on its own!

Edit: See my update here!

#12 Have a Picnic

After my morning of super exciting news, my wonderful boyfriend, Alex, texted me from work to tell me how bored he was and wanted to do something fun tonight. Since it was such a nice, warm day, it seemed like the perfect time to surprise him with a picnic! I found a large basket and filled it up with sandwiches, chips, crackers, cookies, blueberries…etc, and I made a special trip to Market of Choice to pick out some random cheeses (because Alex LOVES cheese) and to get my favorite Apricot Chipotle dip. I also included a bottle of sparkling grape juice and a pair of plastic champagne glasses that a wonderful family I used to babysit for gave me for Christmas, so that Alex and I could enjoy a fun bubbly drink together. Seven months later, we finally got around to it, and it was such a fun treat to have! (Thank you Amy and family!) I also brought some fun card games, and Alex and I had fun discovering our pretend futures in the game of Life Adventures. I found a message in a bottle that led me to a huge inheritance which allowed me to buy lots of houses and cars and a plane and to travel the world. Alex spent his life in school getting 3 degrees and being a stunt double. We decided to travel back to the school where we first met in the 6th grade, which was Eugene Christian School. They are actually moving the school to a new location across town, so the building was empty and the grass was all overgrown, but it was still nice to take a walk down memory lane.

#58 Wear Bright Lipstick For a Day

I put this item on my list because I almost exclusively wear Strawberry Chapstick and only occasionally a lip gloss, and I thought it would be fun to go around with a huge splash of color for a day. I love the glossy shine that lip gloss offers, but it wears off really fast, so I don’t usually bother with it. I honestly don’t remember when or how I got this lipstick, but I’ve owned this one really bright stick for as long as I can remember. I put it on early in the day and only felt the need to reapply it once more in the evening – I couldn’t believe how well it stayed on! I actually really liked the color and could definitely see myself wearing it again on a more regular basis. I might just have to invest in a few more shades of pink for my lips!

I went to a friend’s birthday party in the evening and met a girl there who (in my opinion) looked like a slightly younger version of Carly Rae Jepsen, who sings “Call Me Maybe”! Don’t you see the resemblance?! Anyways, it was a really fun end to a really amazing day!