#61, #36, #45, & # 34 Beach Glass, Lunch w/Stranger, S’mores, & Forking

15 06 2012

I’m pretty surprised that I actually managed to accomplish 4 things on my list in just one day, but everything just kind of worked out perfectly! Here’s a brief recap of everything:

#61 Expand My Collection of Beach Glass

Alex and I woke up early to go to Otter Rock, where he likes to surf, and I like to pick up beach glass. For those of you who don’t know, beach glass is made when broken glass gets churned in the depths of the sea until it’s smooth, and it eventually gets washed up on the shore. It is typically clear, green, brown, and blue. I have a small but growing collection of beach glass, and it seemed like the perfect thing to add to my summer bucket list! I spent about an hour scouring the shore, and ended up with a decent sized  handful to add to my collection!

#36 Have Lunch With a Stranger (My Treat)

This item on my list wasn’t planned for today, but it ended up working out quite nicely. After 3 hours on the beach, Alex and I were quite hungry for lunch, so naturally we stopped at Mo’s. As I have mentioned before, Mo’s has amazing clam chowder (among other things), and it really completes the experience of going to the beach. The Mo’s that we were at was just an annex of their main restaurant in Newport and had limited seating, so some tables were shared. Shortly after we sat down, a nice elderly couple joined us at our table, and we had a great time talking about where we were all from and what we were doing that day. They told some fun stories that really livened up our meal, and I couldn’t think of a nicer pair of strangers to treat to lunch.  We finished and left before them, so I’m sure they had a pleasant surprise after we were gone!

#45 Make S’mores

In honor of Father’s Day weekend, Alex and I cooked a nice dinner for my family, and I decided that it would be the perfect time to use our fire pit to have s’mores for dessert. Somewhere in the online world I had stumbled across the awesome idea to do different variations on regular s’mores, and I knew that I had to try it!  I set off for the grocery store with the idea to get different flavored graham crackers and a couple different types of chocolate, and we ended up with 4 types of marshmallows (plain, strawberry, caramel vanilla, and chocolate vanilla), 3 types of graham crackers (plain, cinnamon, and chocolate), and lots of chocolate variations (milk, dark, toffee and almond, cookies and cream, Andes mints, and Reese’s peanut butter cups). The 3 variations I tried were (1) chocolate crackers/strawberry marshmallow/cookies and cream, (2) cinnamon crackers/caramel vanilla marshmallow/ Reese’s, and (3) chocolate cracker/chocolate vanilla marshmallow/Andes mints. They were all really good, and it was so much fun trying out the different combinations! Who knew s’mores could be so much fun?

#34 Fork Someone’s Yard

The final item I checked off tonight was forking someone’s yard. I chose to put this item on my list because I wanted to pull a prank that was fun and daring, but without causing any damage. When I initially made my list about a month ago, my sisters Hannah and Haley both really wanted to do this one with me. Hannah had one friend in particular that she really wanted to prank, so we geared up with 200 forks, put our eye black on, and embarked on a stealthy mission to cover a yard with forks. We took caution to remain unnoticed by opening the fork boxes in the car, not shutting the car doors, and agreeing not to talk. We left a note on the front porch that included an inside joke Hannah and her friend had so that she would know it was us, and I added in my blog so they could come check it out if they wanted. We managed to get the job done without being noticed, so I’d say it was quite a success!


#86 & #32 Do Something Spontaneous & Watch a Drive In Movie

10 06 2012

ImageAlex and I wanted to get out of town this weekend. We were going to my cousin’s high school graduation party a couple hours drive away in Portland on Sunday, but we still had all of Saturday open to our enjoyment. Since we had the itch, we initially set out to Newport with the intention of picking up beach glass before heading up to Newberg to watch a drive in movie. As it turns out, a piece of a dock from Japan had broken off in the big tsunami and it had washed up on Agate Beach just a few days before. I had read about the dock in this article, and had even commented on facebook about how neat I thought it would be to see. When Alex


mentioned that we were driving by the very beach that the dock had washed up on, I immediately got excited and decided to trade in our beach glass hunting plans to go dock hunting instead! We had to drive around for a little while to find a way to get down to the beach, but eventually we found one. Even from a distance we could see the giant mass washed up on the shore, with dozens of people crowded around. It was definitely a unique experience! It was really amazing to see something so large that traveled all the way across the Pacific Ocean on its own. Since it was a very spur of the moment decision to go see the dock, I think that I can count it as a spontaneous endeavor, and cross #86 off of my list!

Since we had worked up an appetite from our hike to see the dock, we decided to order some clam chowder to go from our favorite beach restaurant – Mo’s. It’s just never feels like a real trip to the beach unless we eat at Mo’s. With our spontaneous trip to see the dock complete, we had to hurry off to Newberg to secure a decent view at the drive in movie theater.

This was both mine and Alex’s first adventure to a drive in theater, and it was awesome! I had to go online to find out where I could even find a drive in theater. As it turns out, there are only 4 of them still operating in all of Oregon, and the one in Newberg was by far the closest to us. The old drive ins had speakers that went in your car, but this theater had been updated so that you just tune your radio to a certain station to hear the movie. Men in Black III was the featured movie of the night. I didn’t have very high expectations, but it was actually pretty neat to see. It had probably been 10+ years since I had seen the first one, and I never did see the second one. It really took me back to my childhood to see Will Smith running around, shooting up the aliens and playing with the flashy memory eraser. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the movie had a really neat ending, that I thought tied things up really nicely. It turned out to be a really amazing day, full of new and exciting things!