Door of Inspiration, Ice Cream, and more!

15 06 2013

#39 Make a “Door of Inspiration”
My bed directly faces my bedroom door and for months now I’ve been wanting to decorate it with things that inspire me. I’m so glad I finally got around to it! I’ve been pinning inspirational pictures and quotes for ages, so I went through and printed out my favorites and turned my door into a life-size Pinterest board of inspiration! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Door of Inspiration


#20 Use My New Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream MakerI purchased this awesome ice cream maker on sale over the winter and have been dying to try it out! My fiance, Alex, had a sore throat tonight, so it was the perfect opportunity to take it out of the box. This was a different type of ice cream maker, because it had a bowl that you froze ahead of time, rather than having to put in ice and salt while it churned. I had actually put the bowl in the freezer shortly after I purchased it, but just hadn’t gotten around to trying it out. Since we had lots of frozen strawberries, we decided to try making strawberry ice cream.  According to the recipe booklet that came with it, it was okay to substitute any milk-like products for the heavy cream, so we opted to use a coconut flavored almond milk that we had on hand and it turned out like a delicious sorbet! I am definitely excited to try more recipes and use it in the future!

Eating ice cream


#84 Pulp Fiction
Pulp FictionIt was on my bucket list last summer to watch Pulp Fiction, but I never got around to it. Since Alex and I were having a laid back day, we decided to watch a movie and he mentioned that he wanted to watch this one, and Netflix had it streaming, so we did! I had no idea what this movie was about, but it turned out to be very long and definitely R rated. Since this movie was made about 20 years ago, it was different to see people smoking indoors and really crazy to see a lot of big name actors such as Bruce Willis, John Travolta, and Samuel L. Jackson when they were much earlier in their careers. I’m glad that I can now say that I’ve seen such a popular movie, but I definitely have no desire to see it again.

#44 $5 Bill Challenge
I first heard of this idea on Pinterest and thought it sounded like a fun thing to try – basically, you set aside every $5 bill you obtain and after you accumulate a sizable amount of money, you use it to pay for something special. I have no idea what I would want to spend the money on, but I’m interested to see how much I could end up saving, especially since I use cards to pay for almost everything. I went through my wallet tonight and pulled out two $5 bills and we’ll see how much I end up with at the end of summer!


#103 & #8j Carve a Watermelon & Watch Grease

16 06 2012

#103 Carve a Watermelon

I was incredibly excited to embark on this adventure. Most people have probably carved a pumpkin at some point, but how many can say they have carved a watermelon? Since Father’s Day is tomorrow, I decided to carve a nice, simple, “Happy Father’s Day!” message. Initially, I tried cutting a circle out of the top like you do with a pumpkin, but I quickly realized that I was going to have a really difficult time scooping out the insides. I decided to slice the entire top off instead, and to flip it upside down before carving my message on the side. This proved to be an especially good idea, because it gave me a solid base for the watermelon to stand up. Eventually, I managed to get all of the pink out and I moved on to sketching my design. I taped it onto my watermelon, and proceeded to use my pumpkin carving tools to finish the job. I think it turned out pretty awesome!

#8j Watch Grease

My day concluded by watching Grease for the first time. Basically, the only things that I knew about it was that it had John Travolta, and it was set in the 50’s. That’s about it. I had no idea that it was a musical.  I didn’t think that the singers were the best, and the acting was beyond cheesy and terribly unrealistic.  I can’t say that it was my favorite, but I’m glad that I watched it. Like all of the other movies I’ve seen from my list so far, I feel like I will now be more in the loop whenever this movie gets referenced. Thanks to my future sister in law, Ashton, for recording it for me! Another one bites the dust!