August-September Updates…

15 09 2013

Another month has gone by, and now there are only 2 weeks until school starts! Aside from these bucket list items, I also went to a concert for Brantley Gilbert, a Taylor Swift concert, the first home Duck football game of the season, and a day trip to Coos Bay to golf at a new course! Life has been wonderfully busy, and in a week we’re going on a trip to explore Seattle, which is on my lifetime bucket list. We’ll also be taking our engagement pictures this week (I’m really excited about this!), and I’ll be working on sending out save-the-dates shortly thereafter. There are a lot of fun things left to work on during my last couple weeks of summer, and I intend make the most of them! Without further ado, here’s an update on the last month!

#10 Wedding Favors
Bubbles, candy… We’ve all received wedding favors that end up being discarded shortly after the big day (if they even make it home), and I didn’t want to waste money on something that was going to end up in the trash.  I thought long and hard about what to do, and since we are going to have a photo booth at our wedding, I decided to give out framed photo booth pictures as our wedding favors! This should be an inexpensive, fun way to remember our special day that will hopefully not end up in the trash.

#14 Yoga Workshop
I traveled up to Portland to Yoga Pearl to attend an inversion workshop from the famous Kathryn Budig, and I had a lot of fun! It was 2 hours of practicing balancing on my hands, and I was able to balance in handstand scorpion for the first time by the end of it! All of the instructions were things that my regular yoga studio, Hard Core Yoga, had taught me before, but it was nice to dedicate a solid 2 hours to working on it.


#28 Hike Somewhere New With Alex
Alex, our friend Brandon, and I all hiked up to the top of the South Sister in Oregon, which is our 3rd tallest mountain at over 10,000 feet. It was an exhausting all day hike, and it didn’t help that we ran out of water at the top, but we made it up and back! I am thrilled that I accomplished the climb, but I consider it to be a once in a lifetime experience and have absolutely NO desire to ever do it again! Of course, I took the opportunity to do a few yoga poses at the top.


#37 Do Something New With My Nails
IMG_3215I haven’t painted my nails for months, but I always keep my toes painted. Over the last year I’ve accumulated a storage container full of polish, and was excited to try something new. I saw someone in my yoga class with white toes, and I decided to try them out myself, adding some silver sparkles on top. I love how it turned out, and I’m considering this style for my wedding!

#49 Voo Doo Doughnut T-Shirt Challenge
Alex and I took a trip up to Portland one evening to accomplish this challenge, which involves getting a doughnut from each of the 2 portland locations, and ending at the one in Eugene. We had never been to the second location before, and it was just really fun to see each one in all of its uniqueness. I also learned that their second location is Voodoo Too, and their third location in Eugene is Voodoo Tres.  At our last stop in Eugene, we turned in our receipts and earned our free t-shirts!


#61 Do a Puzzle
I scored an awesome 1000 piece authentic Disneyland map puzzle at a garage sale, which hadn’t been opened yet, for only $1! I spent a few days putting this one together, and it was fun being able to figure out where the pieces went based on the names of the attractions in each area.


#68 Safe Haven
MV5BMTg4MzcxODA3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTYzNDkwOQ@@._V1._SX640_SY948_I love Nicholas Sparks, and have been planning to see his newest movie for ages. Alex and I watched A Walk to Remember on our 8th grade DC trip, which is when we first started dating, and we watched The Notebook the night we got back together during our junior year of high school, so his movies will always hold a special place in my heart. Alex and I watched Safe Haven together, and although it was somewhat predictable, I still really enjoyed it.

#81 Game of Thrones
game-of-thrones-book-coverI spent nearly the entire summer struggling through the first book of Game of Thrones on my Kindle. I loved the series the first time I watched it through, and loved it even more the second time I watched it through with Alex. The first book on the other hand, failed to engage me. I was incredibly surprised at how true the TV show was to the book, and was disappointed that there weren’t many more details in the book that weren’t in the show. I have since started reading the second book, which I am much more into. It’s now my goal to get through the 4th book before the season airs in the spring.

Whew!… Finally caught up again!

Catching Up…

28 07 2013

Almost 4 weeks of bucket listing to blog about… I’m behind! I took a day trip up to Portland with one of my sisters to check off a few items, then flew out to Hawaii for 5 days to celebrate my aunt’s wedding, and then was house sitting back to back weeks for different families! I’ve been living out of a bag for weeks now, and it feels so wonderful to be home! And now to get caught up on my bucket list blogging from the month of July…

#6 Figure out wedding cakes
I have asked a small handful of family and friends to make one or two cakes/desserts each so that we will end up with a table full of a variety of sweet treats, and I think it is going to turn out wonderfully! I still need to ask a few more people, but I would say that this one is fairly well taken care of for now.

#9 Collect photo booth props
Obviously, I plan to have a photo booth at my wedding, and I have been very busy collecting props from my trip to Bins and from garage sales (more on both of those below)!  I now have a fun selection of fun scarves, ties, hats, boas, and more! I also still need to make props on a stick for people to hold up, like lips, mustaches, and glasses, so I’ll be adding that as another item on my list (it just keeps on growing!)IMG_3060

#13 Outdoor yoga
IMG_2941I experienced doing yoga outside one morning during my visit to Hawaii. I woke up really early on my own and took a couple of beach towels out to the edge of the pool (right outside the back door of our condo) to serve as my yoga mat. It was the first time I’ve ever tried doing a routine that I made up as I went, and after doing the poses on one side, I kept forgetting to do them on the other side. It felt very different to be staring up at the sky as I went through poses, and I found it more difficult to keep my balance. I’m not sure if this was because I was using the beach towels as a yoga mat, or because I’m used to having a ceiling to fix my gaze onto rather than an endless expanse of sky… maybe it was both. At any rate, I spent around 45 minutes working up a sweat and then enjoyed a savasana of staring up peacefully at the sky.

#18 Create a summer playlist
I finally compiled a list of around 60 songs before I took off to Hawaii, though I’m constantly editing it. I always think of another song I want to put on it and later decide to take a couple tracks off that I find myself skipping over. A few of my favorites are “She’s My Kind of Crazy” by Emerson Drive, “Chloe” by Emblem3, “Crazy Beautiful” by Andy Grammer, and lots of Floridy Georgia Line.Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 2.23.29 PM

#22 Take pictures with an underwater camera
My cousin, Jared, bought a Lifeproof case for his iPhone, so we took some fun underwater pictures while we were snorkeling in Hawaii! It definitely makes me want to get one too!992923_10151470631412443_1609810021_n 2

#23 Buy a dress for Hawaii
I wanted to buy a new dress to wear to my Aunt’s wedding in Hawaii, and I found this fun teal one from I ordered several different styles online with free shipping from my Red Debit Card, and took back the ones that didn’t work out to the store. I think I picked a great one!IMG_2902

#24 Get a bikini body (for Hawaii)
I have wanted to get rid of my excess belly fat for a while now, so once summer started, I attended a few weeks of boot camp classes, hit the gym, and did several days of multiple yoga classes in a row. I also swore off drinking alcohol for the last couple months before the trip, and I found that I really didn’t miss it.  I was already eating fairly healthy foods, but I added in even more healthy options, like quinoa, almonds, avocado, and more salads. I still have a little more I’d like to get rid of before my wedding next summer, but I was pretty happy with how I looked for Hawaii. I also took the opportunity to do some yoga poses on the beach!IMG_2886

#31 Shop at “The Bins”
IMG_2783The Bins is the nickname for the Goodwill Outlet store in Milwaukie, OR. I had never been to one before, but it was quite the experience! My sisters had gone last year, and I had wanted to check it out ever since. Basically, it’s where Goodwill sends items that don’t make it to their stores, or that were in the stores too long and then get pulled off the shelves. They pile things in bins based on their category (clothing, household items, toys) and wheel them out into long rows where people dig though them looking for their next hidden treasure. Everything except furniture and heavy items is sold by the pound. My sister Hannah and her friend Avan went with me, and for a whopping $10.81, I was able to get a few sweaters and shirts for my sister (Banana Republic, Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom), a few sweaters and shirts for myself (Roxy, H&M, Old Navy), and several bags of photo booth props – hats, scarves, ties, fun bags, a boa… It came out to somewhere around 6 pounds. While we were shopping, we saw a pair of guys with tails, and had an old lady talk our ears off in some other language, maybe Italian? It was definitely an experience, and I would love to go back again sometime!


#32 Garage Sale-ing
IMG_3061I have been wanting to do this for ages, but I always forget until I’m either too busy, it’s late in the day, or it’s not the weekend. Finally, I got myself organized last week on Thursday, and made a game plan of the areas of town I wanted to hit, which were mainly my neighborhood, the neighborhood I was housesitting in, and another neighborhood that was having a 28 family garage sale and was kind enough to provide a printable map.  I walked away with some awesome treasures! A lady was kind enough to sell me a large storage bin filled with her late father’s collection of antique glass bottles that I will use as vases at my wedding for only $20. There were soda bottles, milk bottles, liquor bottles, and small medicine bottles, and they are going to look stunning! Another lady was kind enough to sell me her late mother’s collection of  very nice scarves for my photo booth for only a quarter! I also found some neat vintage drawers that I will stack up on my dessert table to hold the cakes, as well as a vintage wooden tool box and a vintage wooden soda tray to use as more decorations. I also came into possession of a shopping bag full of picture frames that will be used at my wedding, and a number of other treasures. Altogether, I didn’t spend more than $40, and I ended up with some awesome items for my wedding!  I also set aside several $5 bills for the $5 bill challenge, and the envelope is starting to fill up!

#48 Salt and Straw
IMG_2784I had been wanting to visit Salt and Straw for a long time now, which specializes in small batches of ice cream made with local, high quality ingredients in a variety of odd flavors. I finally got to experience it on my day trip to Portland with my sister Hannah and her friend Avan, and holy moly it was amazing! I didn’t think it would be possible to enjoy flavors such as Arbequina Olive Oil and Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Cracked Black Pepper, but I did! I sampled so many delicious flavors, and my favorites were the Strawberry with Cilantro Lime Cheesecake and Sea Salt ice cream with Caramel Ribbon, and I decided to eat a full cone of the latter. It was so delicious! I can’t wait until I get the chance to go back again!



#51 Volunteer
Last summer I tried to volunteer in my church’s Sunday School, but I never got a call. This year I signed up again, and got to volunteer last weekend with the 1st-5th graders! It was a lot of fun getting to be around kids again, and I showed a few girls how to make a certain kind of beaded bracelet that I used to make when I was a kid. I also helped lead a small group discussion with the 1st-2nd graders, and prayed for their prayer requests, some of which melted your heart, and others where outright hilarious! I had a great time, and will be back again to help out next weekend too!

#74 Despicable Me 2
I LOVED the first Despicable Me, and also thoroughly enjoyed the sequel. If you haven’t watched them yet, do it! They will keep you laughing and the littlest girl Agnes will melt your heart with how adorable she is!IMG_2789

#93 Paint my windshield wipers
The black paint on my windshield wipers had severely peeled off, and I was regularly getting blinded from the glare, so I finally bought a $3.49 can of matte black spray paint and went to town on transforming them. It was my first time using spray paint, and it was a lot of fun! I applied 2 coats for good measure, and they turned out great – I no longer get blinded by the glare!IMG_2829


#95 Red Wagon Creamery
logoI was so excited to discover that Red Wagon Creamery was supposed to be my local Eugene version of Salt and Straw (which I absolutely LOVED), but I was thoroughly disappointed by the ice cream. First, there weren’t very many unique flavors when we went. Second, the samples didn’t all “wow” me with their amazingness. Third (and worst of all), they left an awful thick filmy layer in our mouths. I got a blackberry/vanilla ice cream, and while the sample must have had a ton of blackberry, the cone I got was almost plain vanilla. Alex got a smoky salted caramel which had a really strong flavor at first, but it got old really fast. And that awful flavorless film that accumulated in our mouths was just terrible. I don’t know what they put in their ice cream to make that thick film, but it was the first time in my life that I actually dumped ice cream down the drain when I got home, so I could just enjoy the cone. I really wanted to love their ice cream, but I doubt I’ll be back any time soon after that experience.

#99 Antique store
Remember Hollywood Video stores? Well when they all went out of business several years ago, a new antique store popped up in one of their old buildings, and they kept the old sign and called it Hollywood Treasures and Re-Runs. I’ve driven by it a number of times over the years, and finally stopped by last week to browse. It was soooo neat to see all of the old things that created a snapshot into the past.  I was looking for more things I could use for my wedding when I discovered the perfect thing –  a mini trunk! In lieu of a gift table, my wedding is going to have a gift trunk which I found on craigslist a while back and spray painted it teal to match my wedding colors. I was still trying to decide what to use for a card box, and was initially looking for an antique bird cage to use, when I found the mini trunk! It matches perfectly with my decor, and I just need to give it a good coat of spray paint (one of my new obsessions) and it will be perfect!

IMG_2838Large teal trunk for gifts

IMG_3062Small new trunk for cards

Whew – I’m finally caught up! Hopefully I won’t get so far behind again. Hope you’re all having a fabulous summer (I know that I am)!

Teeth whitening & Magic Mike

2 07 2013

#43 Teeth Whitening Pinterest Idea
I found this neat DIY idea on Pinterest to whiten your teeth at home for a fraction of the cost of whitening strips, and I was excited to try it out! It only required a little bit of toothpaste, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide, and I was able to find those last two items at Target for 50 cents each. I mixed a little bit of each into a small cup, and used the mixture to brush tonight, rather than just my toothpaste alone. After a couple minutes of brushing I noticed that the mixture was getting a little bit abrasive against my gums and the roof of my mouth, and after rinsing it all out, my mouth tissues felt a little bit raw for a couple minutes. The feeling returned back to normal within a few minutes though, and my teeth felt so smooth! It felt just like after getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. I have used whitening strips before, but  I have sensitive teeth and they have always inflamed my sensitive areas, so I was happy to not suffer any sensitivity with this method. Another thing I don’t like about the strips is that they only cover your teeth in the front of your mouth, leaving the back ones to continue darkening over time. With this method, the whitening covers all parts of all your teeth. I also like that it is only recommended to use this concoction once per week, and then even less often as you achieve your desired results. I did look into a few different methods of DIY teeth whitening, and felt that it was relatively safe to use this method because it only contained toothpaste, which I already use, baking soda, which is found in many dental care products, and hydrogen peroxide, which is found in whitening strips. I stayed away from other concoctions that required lemon juice as I read about how the extreme acidity is not good for your teeth. Time will tell if my teeth become whiter, but at least they feel extra smooth and clean!

#69 Magic Mike
I have wanted to see this movie since it came out, and I finally got the chance! I used to have a bit of a crush on Matthew McConaughey from when he was in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, so I was really excited to see him in another movie, and Channing Tatum is gorgeous, so naturally I was thrilled to get to look at him. I was a little disappointed that Matthew McConaughey isn’t nearly as attractive as I used to think he was, but Channing Tatum and several of the other guys were smoking hot! I was a little disappointed that the story line involved drug use, but I enjoyed the rest of the story for the most part. And I really enjoyed looking at all of the washboard abs!

“No sew” blanket, movies, and roller derby

25 06 2013

#45 Make a “no sew” fleece blanket
Braided EdgeOver the years I’ve seen lots of people with those cozy looking double layered fleece blankets made by tying the edges together, but I’ve never made one of my own… until now! I looked online for a tutorial and I came across this neat braided edge design, so I decided to try it out! I started by laying the fleece out and trimming the edges so they were straight, then I matched the two layers up and trimmed them so they were even. I then went around the edges and cut 1.5 inch slits and then cut little holes in the middle of them and used a paperclip to pull one piece through the other, making the neat braided pattern. It was a really long process that took FOREVER but I’m very happy with the finished product! It is really warm and cozy, and I didn’t have to deal with a sewing machine to make it!



#66 Watch Beautiful Creatures
Beautiful CreaturesI really enjoyed reading this book series and was excited to see the movie, but it came out in theaters when I was in the middle of reading the series, and it came out on DVD when I was in the middle of lots of studying last term in school, so I kept putting it off. When Redbox sent me a free rental code, it was finally the perfect opportunity to check this one off! I must say that I  enjoyed the books much more than the movie, but I’m glad that I finally got to see it.


#73 Watch Monsters University
I LOVE Disney movies, and was so excited to hear that Pixar was coming out with a prequel to Monsters, Inc. I marked it in my calendar and Alex and I went to see it on its opening day! It was really cute, and I’m so glad I got the chance to see it!

Monsters University


#41 Watch Roller Derby
Roller derbyOne of my nursing school friends competes in roller derby, and it sparked the idea that I’d like to watch it sometime. Since they were having a “brawl” right here in my hometown, I decided to seize the opportunity and check it out. One thing I was surprised by right away was that the skating rink was just a flat hard floor, rather than the raised wooden rinks that I’ve seen on TV and in the movies.  I was also really surprised to see 7 referees in the center of the rink at all times. When I started watching, I thought I’d be able to figure it out on my own, but after several minutes of confused puzzling over what was happening, I resorted to google to learn the basic rules. Google gave me the general idea of what was going on, but I was really happy to meet up with my friend “Miss Kitty La Rue” during a halftime break and she explained things in a little more detail for me, while we watched other teams compete. I really loved the fun names that the skaters had, like Wonder Dread and Jala Pain Yo. I’m really glad I got to experience something so completely new and different!

Derby friends

#70 Hot Tub + Glow Sticks, #41 Donate Blood, #8k Watch The Borrowers

23 07 2012

#70 Hot Tub + Glow Sticks

I first saw the idea to let kids take a bath in the dark with glow sticks on Pinterest, and I thought it would be really fun to adapt this for my summer bucket list. When you combine house sitting at a place with a hot tub (they’ve assured me that they don’t mind if I have people over), with my Jello shots, and a hand full of young adults, you’ve got the perfect mix to add in glow sticks! I picked up a couple packs in the $1 section at Target a few weeks back, and it was the perfect scenario to bring them out! Unfortunately, it’s hard to take good pictures in the dark, while showing both the people and the glow sticks, but I still got a few decent shots of our excitement. Adding in glow sticks was definitely a fun touch to an otherwise ordinary hot tub!

#41 Donate Blood For the First Time

I have a serious dislike for needles, but I got stuck by them 5 times within 3 days! Since I am starting nursing school this fall, I went in on Friday to get my tetanus shot updated, to have a little blood drawn to prove I’m immune to the Chicken Pox, and to have a test showing that I haven’t been in contact with tuberculosis. Then, I had signed up to give blood at my church blood drive on Sunday, so they got to stick me a couple more times for that! I had never given blood before, but I had always thought that it was a really neat idea. It’s something that almost anyone can do, that doesn’t cost them any money, that can help save peoples lives. I know that if I had a serious injury that required blood transfusions that I’d be incredibly grateful to the donors, and felt like it was something I should try at least once. I was incredibly nervous leading up to my appointment because my wonderful boyfriend (who is a paramedic) was kind enough to talk to me about how big the needle was.  I can do pretty well with small needles, but the bigger ones really shake me up! I never actually saw the needle because I kept my head turned the whole time and it was covered with a piece of gauze while I was donating, but I could definitely feel it going in and coming out! Inside the bloodmobile I had to sit in a chair that elevated your legs, keeping you in a leaned back position. Once the needle was in, I had to gently squeeze a foam ear of corn, and after several minutes (that seemed like an eternity) they told me I was done!  I mostly felt fine afterwards, except that I was pretty lethargic, took a long nap in the afternoon, and felt hungrier and thirstier than usual. Going to yoga this morning was also a lot more tiring that it normally is, but I think the side effects I experienced were pretty normal considering I gave away at least 10% of my blood! The best part was that our local Dari Marts sponsor blood donors by giving them a free pint of ice cream when you donate! I don’t know how often I’ll donate blood, but I definitely could see myself doing it again sometime in the future!


#8k Watch The Borrowers

I rented this one randomly with my free kids rental pass from blockbuster, and what a lucky gem it turned out to be! I loved it so much that I HAD to add it to my list so I could blog about it. Is that cheating? Well I don’t really care! I knew that The Borrowers is a book (though I’ve never read it), and that they just came out with a Japanese anime version of it called The Secret World of Arrietty, which I loved, so I decided to try this one out. First of all, it was really neat how they showed the story of tiny people living in our world, and I thought it was really cute how it was set in Europe. But the best part was discovering 3 characters from the Harry Potter movies! This movie had younger versions of Draco Malfoy, Arthur Weasley, and Professor Slughorn! Talk about an amazing surprise! It also had Hugh Laurie aka House who played a police officer, but that wasn’t nearly so exciting as the others. Anyways, it was a cute movie, but if you’re a Harry Potter buff like me, you should totally watch it to see the characters! Little Tom Felton (Draco) playing Peagreen was just adorable! Definitely glad I stumbled upon this one!


#8e Watch Breakfast Club

9 07 2012

The Breakfast Club was next on my list of movies that people can never believe that I haven’t watched. I was over at our friend Patrick’s house and saw it sitting on a shelf under his TV, so naturally I asked to borrow it.  As it turns out, it was one of his wife’s all time favorite movies!  I really didn’t have any idea what this movie was about when I put it on my list, but I had heard the name so many times that I figured it was something I should probably see. The first thing I noticed was that it had Molly Ringwald, who plays the mom in the TV show Secret Life of the American Teenager. I had no idea that she had ever acted in anything before that show, let alone as a lead role when she almost 30 years younger. At first, I couldn’t believe that the movie was rated R, because it was about a group of high school students stuck in a Saturday detention! But as it went on the content became increasingly more risque. Abusive families, parents who expect perfection, the stress of performing well in sports to get a scholarship, peer pressure to smoke pot and admit virginity, the thought of committing suicide… this movie really did have it all, and I feel like it touched on actual issues in a fairly realistic way. I realized that I had watched other TV shows that had episodes similar to The Breakfast Club, throwing a bunch of kids together in Saturday detention and watching them bond. Most recently, I watched an episode of Dawson’s Creek that did the same scenario, and I know I’ve watched others that followed the same story too. All in all I liked the movie, and I’m really glad that I watched it. It’s amazing to me that even thought it was made in 1985, I feel like a lot of the issues are basically the same that teens face today. And another bucket list item bites the dust!

#8i, #7c, #93, & #13 Sound of Music, Red Pyramid, Butte to Butte, & Fireworks

4 07 2012

Wow, I’ve really been slacking on my blogging! I accomplished several items on my list over the last week, and worked on several others that are not quite finished yet. For example, I practiced my handstand, worked on a 1000 piece puzzle, tried sipping several different types of beer (Bud Lite with Lime is the one I dislike the least so far), bought new flowers to keep in my room, took a picture with another Amanda (I’m up to 6 so far!), watched several episodes of South Park, and I tried calling into a radio station to win movie tickets, but the lines were busy. Needless to say, I’ve been very busy! And without further ado, here are the ones that I actually finished over the last few days:

#8i Watch The Sound of Music

How did I ever make it so far in life without watching this movie? I watched my sisters in a dance recital on Saturday night and when we were sitting around the house at midnight after the show, my sister Hannah said she was wide awake and really wanted to do something on my list. We looked through the list and she couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen this movie yet, so she begged me to watch it with her. She told me “It’s only about an hour and a half long!” so I agreed to watch it. 2 1/2 hours later, I sleepily dragged myself off to bed and told her I’d have to finish the ending another time. I couldn’t believe it was a 3 hour movie! Even though it was ridiculously long, I LOVED it! I recognized several songs that I hadn’t realized were from this movie (Favorite Things, Doe a Deer…etc) and I just really enjoyed it. The Anne of Green Gables books and movie are some of my favorite stories, and this was right along the same lines. Anyways, even though I technically still have another half hour to watch, I feel like I saw enough to learn that I loved it and will be watching it again sometime.

#7c Read The Red Pyramid

I had been working on reading this book over the last couple weeks and then I realized that I had copied the audiobook from the library and stared listening instead. I listed to the last half of the story while I drove 2 hours to my parents’ house, 2 hours back home, and a final 2 hours while I cleaned an office on Sunday. I really enjoy curling up with a good, hard copy of a book and getting lost in the story for hours on end, but it’s also pretty awesome to get lost in the dramatic voices of an audiobook too. The Red Pyramid is the first in the Kane Chronicles series, which are written by the author Rick Riordan, who also wrote the Percy Jackson series. I had actually read this book 2 years ago when it first came out, but I had long since forgotten everything that had happened. I remember thinking that it was really good and being anxious to read the next book, but that’s about it. Needless to say, it was really exciting to read a book that I had no memory of, but that I knew was good because I’d read it before. Does that make sense? Anyways, I’m very eager to start the next one in this series!

#93 Run the Butte to Butte

The Butte to Butte is a 10k race that takes place in my hometown of Eugene every year on the 4th of July. The race is very appropriately named because the course goes from Spencer’s Butte to Skinner’s Butte. This year was the first time they offered a 5k option as well, but since I put this item on the list intending to run my first 10k, I felt like it would be cheating myself to take the easier option. The first mile of the course was a brutal uphill climb, but the second mile was downhill, and the last 4 miles were (mostly) flat. I had fully intended to start running several weeks ago in preparation for this race, but I never quite got around to it… and the last time I had run was in January. I was definitely not in running shape, but I managed to finish, and that was my goal! My wonderful boyfriend, Alex, was kind enough to slow down his pace enough to keep me company for the 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 50 seconds that it took me to complete the race. I had to walk a few times and my face was raw from wiping sweat away (I hate the feeling of sweat on my skin), but I did it!

#13 Firework Show

And what would the 4th of July be without fireworks? I’m lucky enough to live pretty close to the Oregon Horse Arena where they hold our local rodeo every year, and they set off an awesome fireworks show at the end of the night. Alex had to take a big test first thing in the morning for his intensive summer biology class, so his mom and I drove down the road to take in the view. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t do a very good job of focusing on fireworks, and this was the best picture I got. But the show was really awesome and was a great way to end the holiday!

#15 & #8f Wear a Hat & Watch Rain Man

28 06 2012

#15 Wear a Hat For a Day

To most people, wearing a hat for a day probably seems pretty insignificant. But for some reason, I NEVER wear hats. I like hats. I even buy hats. But I don’t ever get around to actually wearing them. That’s why #15 made its way onto my bucket list. Until today, I had a stack of 3 brand new, unworn hats sitting in my room. Now I can officially say that only 2 of them are unworn. =) I happened to be going golfing today, so it worked out that it was even a somewhat useful accessory to my outfit. If you’ll notice, my hat says the year ’08, meaning that I’ve had that particular hat sitting in my room with the tags still on it for 4 years! I can’t say when or if I’ll ever get around to breaking in the other two hats, but in the meantime, #15 was a success!

#8f Watch Rain Man

I had forgotten that I put the majority of the remaining movies on my summer bucket list in my dvd queue on Netflix, so it was a bit of a surprise when Rain Man showed up in the mail today. Tonight was pretty uneventful after golf, dinner, and cleaning my room, so I decided to pop it in and see what I’d been missing for all these years. It was actually really good! I had no idea what it was going to be about or who was in it (Tom Cruise sure looked a lot younger back then!) but it was a really neat story! For those of you who don’t know, it’s about a guy who finds out that his dad passed away and that his dad left nearly all of his inheritance to a long lost autistic brother that he didn’t even know he had. It was a very touching movie, and I’m really glad that I got to see it. Can’t wait to see what the next movie holds!

#8b & #8d Watch Full Metal Jacket & Cast Away

14 06 2012

This has been an unusually busy week for me, what with all the schools letting out for summer (both public schools and the colleges), going to 2 dentist appointments, and me quitting one of my jobs working the front desk at a hotel. Today was in fact, my very last day! It’s bittersweet, because on one hand I’m really excited to have so much more free time, but on the other hand I’m going to really miss all of the great people that I worked with. At any rate, I’ve been really busy! Through all the craziness, I did have time to watch 2 movies over the last couple days.

The first movie I watched was Full Metal Jacket, which is incredibly offensive and inappropriate, but also extremely funny. I put this movie on my summer bucket list because it is one of my boyfriend, Alex’s favorite movies, and also because there are a few quotes that get referenced fairly often. Now I know where to quotes come from! I mostly enjoyed the movie, though I did feel like it dragged on for a long time without any real plot. It just followed that life of one guy, which was interesting, but didn’t have much of a complex story to it. It did have some incredibly funny parts though, and I’m glad that I watched it.

The second movie I watched this week was Cast Away. Before I watched this movie, I knew that Tom Hanks ends up on a desert island with a volleyball, on which he draws a face and names it Wilson. I was actually surprised to see how small of a part the volleyball played in the movie, and also how little Tom Hanks spoke when he was on the island. The majority of the movie was just watching him, and observing his thought process through his actions. Though it was incredibly long (2 hours, 20 minutes), I thought that it was really well done, and I can definitely see why he won an award for his performance. I also really liked the message of the movie, which is that no matter what life throws at you, eventually things will get better. This is definitely a theme I can relate to and appreciate.

I’m pretty happy with my movie choices thus far. They are all movies that I’ve heard references to over the years, but that I had never seen, and I feel like I’m finally becoming a bit more in the loop. Anyways, that’s 2 more off of my list! And I’m super excited that my summer is “officially” starting!

#86 & #32 Do Something Spontaneous & Watch a Drive In Movie

10 06 2012

ImageAlex and I wanted to get out of town this weekend. We were going to my cousin’s high school graduation party a couple hours drive away in Portland on Sunday, but we still had all of Saturday open to our enjoyment. Since we had the itch, we initially set out to Newport with the intention of picking up beach glass before heading up to Newberg to watch a drive in movie. As it turns out, a piece of a dock from Japan had broken off in the big tsunami and it had washed up on Agate Beach just a few days before. I had read about the dock in this article, and had even commented on facebook about how neat I thought it would be to see. When Alex


mentioned that we were driving by the very beach that the dock had washed up on, I immediately got excited and decided to trade in our beach glass hunting plans to go dock hunting instead! We had to drive around for a little while to find a way to get down to the beach, but eventually we found one. Even from a distance we could see the giant mass washed up on the shore, with dozens of people crowded around. It was definitely a unique experience! It was really amazing to see something so large that traveled all the way across the Pacific Ocean on its own. Since it was a very spur of the moment decision to go see the dock, I think that I can count it as a spontaneous endeavor, and cross #86 off of my list!

Since we had worked up an appetite from our hike to see the dock, we decided to order some clam chowder to go from our favorite beach restaurant – Mo’s. It’s just never feels like a real trip to the beach unless we eat at Mo’s. With our spontaneous trip to see the dock complete, we had to hurry off to Newberg to secure a decent view at the drive in movie theater.

This was both mine and Alex’s first adventure to a drive in theater, and it was awesome! I had to go online to find out where I could even find a drive in theater. As it turns out, there are only 4 of them still operating in all of Oregon, and the one in Newberg was by far the closest to us. The old drive ins had speakers that went in your car, but this theater had been updated so that you just tune your radio to a certain station to hear the movie. Men in Black III was the featured movie of the night. I didn’t have very high expectations, but it was actually pretty neat to see. It had probably been 10+ years since I had seen the first one, and I never did see the second one. It really took me back to my childhood to see Will Smith running around, shooting up the aliens and playing with the flashy memory eraser. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the movie had a really neat ending, that I thought tied things up really nicely. It turned out to be a really amazing day, full of new and exciting things!