August-September Updates…

15 09 2013

Another month has gone by, and now there are only 2 weeks until school starts! Aside from these bucket list items, I also went to a concert for Brantley Gilbert, a Taylor Swift concert, the first home Duck football game of the season, and a day trip to Coos Bay to golf at a new course! Life has been wonderfully busy, and in a week we’re going on a trip to explore Seattle, which is on my lifetime bucket list. We’ll also be taking our engagement pictures this week (I’m really excited about this!), and I’ll be working on sending out save-the-dates shortly thereafter. There are a lot of fun things left to work on during my last couple weeks of summer, and I intend make the most of them! Without further ado, here’s an update on the last month!

#10 Wedding Favors
Bubbles, candy… We’ve all received wedding favors that end up being discarded shortly after the big day (if they even make it home), and I didn’t want to waste money on something that was going to end up in the trash.  I thought long and hard about what to do, and since we are going to have a photo booth at our wedding, I decided to give out framed photo booth pictures as our wedding favors! This should be an inexpensive, fun way to remember our special day that will hopefully not end up in the trash.

#14 Yoga Workshop
I traveled up to Portland to Yoga Pearl to attend an inversion workshop from the famous Kathryn Budig, and I had a lot of fun! It was 2 hours of practicing balancing on my hands, and I was able to balance in handstand scorpion for the first time by the end of it! All of the instructions were things that my regular yoga studio, Hard Core Yoga, had taught me before, but it was nice to dedicate a solid 2 hours to working on it.


#28 Hike Somewhere New With Alex
Alex, our friend Brandon, and I all hiked up to the top of the South Sister in Oregon, which is our 3rd tallest mountain at over 10,000 feet. It was an exhausting all day hike, and it didn’t help that we ran out of water at the top, but we made it up and back! I am thrilled that I accomplished the climb, but I consider it to be a once in a lifetime experience and have absolutely NO desire to ever do it again! Of course, I took the opportunity to do a few yoga poses at the top.


#37 Do Something New With My Nails
IMG_3215I haven’t painted my nails for months, but I always keep my toes painted. Over the last year I’ve accumulated a storage container full of polish, and was excited to try something new. I saw someone in my yoga class with white toes, and I decided to try them out myself, adding some silver sparkles on top. I love how it turned out, and I’m considering this style for my wedding!

#49 Voo Doo Doughnut T-Shirt Challenge
Alex and I took a trip up to Portland one evening to accomplish this challenge, which involves getting a doughnut from each of the 2 portland locations, and ending at the one in Eugene. We had never been to the second location before, and it was just really fun to see each one in all of its uniqueness. I also learned that their second location is Voodoo Too, and their third location in Eugene is Voodoo Tres.  At our last stop in Eugene, we turned in our receipts and earned our free t-shirts!


#61 Do a Puzzle
I scored an awesome 1000 piece authentic Disneyland map puzzle at a garage sale, which hadn’t been opened yet, for only $1! I spent a few days putting this one together, and it was fun being able to figure out where the pieces went based on the names of the attractions in each area.


#68 Safe Haven
MV5BMTg4MzcxODA3OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTYzNDkwOQ@@._V1._SX640_SY948_I love Nicholas Sparks, and have been planning to see his newest movie for ages. Alex and I watched A Walk to Remember on our 8th grade DC trip, which is when we first started dating, and we watched The Notebook the night we got back together during our junior year of high school, so his movies will always hold a special place in my heart. Alex and I watched Safe Haven together, and although it was somewhat predictable, I still really enjoyed it.

#81 Game of Thrones
game-of-thrones-book-coverI spent nearly the entire summer struggling through the first book of Game of Thrones on my Kindle. I loved the series the first time I watched it through, and loved it even more the second time I watched it through with Alex. The first book on the other hand, failed to engage me. I was incredibly surprised at how true the TV show was to the book, and was disappointed that there weren’t many more details in the book that weren’t in the show. I have since started reading the second book, which I am much more into. It’s now my goal to get through the 4th book before the season airs in the spring.

Whew!… Finally caught up again!

#56 Paint All Finger/Toe Nails Different Colors

24 06 2012

I started regularly painting my nails a couple months ago because I started going to hour long hard core yoga classes several times each week. Since you spend so much time staring at either your hands or your feet in the different poses, I started keeping my nails painted so that I would have something fun to look at throughout the class. I’ve been trying different colors and styles each week, and that was my inspiration for this item on my bucket list.  Tonight, Alex and I went to a nice happy hour dinner with our friends Taylor and Tyler, then we went back to their new apartment to take advantage of their pool and hot tub! As I was sitting in the hot tub, looking at my week old, chipped fingernails, I realized that it was time to repaint them, yet again. Then it hit me – Taylor has lots of nail polish too, including lots of colors I don’t have! She was more than willing to let me use her polish, and even helped me to paint some of them. I think they turned out pretty awesome!

#62 Make something from Pinterest

27 05 2012

So, I’ve been working on my list for weeks now, and had wanted to get an early start on checking things off, but I’ve been holding myself back, being very adamant about the “102 days, 102 things”. I thought that posting the list would help relieve a little bit of my excitement and to help me feel like I’m doing something without actually really doing anything on the list, but it actually had the opposite effect and has made me more excited to get everything done! Realizing that I still had almost 3 weeks til I said I would start my summer seemed like it would take forever, so I decided to just get started and forget the rules I had set up for myself. Isn’t that kind of the point of summer anyways? Forgetting the rules and just having a little bit of fun? I think so. So that’s how I got started (early) with my first item on the list: #62 Make something from Pinterest.

If you don’t already know, Pinterest is an awesome website that lets you create virtual boards where you can virtually pin things from around the web. It’s a great way to keep track of ideas for parties, decorating your house, fashion, gift ideas…etc. It lets you categorize great ideas so you can come back to them later. You can also see what your friends have pinned, and like or repin them to your own boards. The purpose of this being on the list is that I always pin things with the intention of actually doing them at some point, but I hadn’t actually gotten around to doing any of them yet. Here is the link to the pin that I decided to try.

ImageIt was a pretty simple, yet super effective idea to paint your nails, put little bits of tape on in different designs, paint them another color, and remove the tape. The only hiccups I ran into were a few times when the tape actually pulled up the base color when I removed it, or when the tape wasn’t securely down on my nail, and a little bit of the topcolor seeped under. I had to do some touch ups, but I’m pretty happy with how they turned out! I added a sparkly clear top coat to finish of the look. Let me know what you think!Image